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Take up your studies in Austria. happy news The Vienna International Postdoctoral Program is now accepting applications. In this article, we’ll go into great detail regarding this fellowship program, its advantages, and how to apply.

International students are eligible for fully supported scholarships under the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program 2023–2024. The benefits of the postdoctoral fellowship include a gross yearly salary of 70 040 EUR, comprehensive health insurance, and additional support for each kid ranging from 110 to 170 EUR per month.

Candidates with expertise in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics are eligible for the three-year VIP2 postdoctoral fellowship program at the Vienna BioCenter (VBC). The program uses a two-mentor system, in which fellows choose a primary research group and academic mentor based on their individual projects, and are then assisted by a second mentor from the VBC research institutes, the VBC biotech sector, our alumni network, and elsewhere.

A stepping stone to a self-sufficient professional path, the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program chooses participants whose studies have the potential to grow into distinct research lines. Inter-lab and interdisciplinary projects are strongly encouraged.

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Vienna International Postdoctoral Program offers a structured training and professional development program under the motto “Inform, Inspire, Innovate” in addition to a first-rate research environment.

A research environment that promotes independence and achievement in science

  • Effective career planning and mentoring with a two-mentor system
  • The VIP2 Advisory Board provides coaching and mentorship (VAB)
  • A comprehensive training course on transferable and research-related skills
  • The implementation of a secondment program in postdoctoral training
  • Introduction to a broad network of famous experts

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Postdoctoral
  • Institution(s): Vienna BioCenter
  • Study in: Austria
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Click here to find all the available Postdoctoral positions.
  • Program Period: Three years
  • Deadline: June 15, 2022

Scholarship Coverage

The Vienna International Postdoctoral Program offers the following advantages to the recipient:

  • Salary: Each fellow is paid a yearly gross remuneration of 70,040 EUR over the course of 14 payments (12 months plus one Christmas and one-holiday bonus, according to Austrian law)
  • Full health insurance
  • Inclusions in social security include pension contributions, accident insurance, and fully compensated parental leave that may last up to 24 months.
  • Depending on the kid’s age, families receive supplementary support (“Familienbeihilfe”) for each child that runs from 110 to 170 EUR per month.
  • Tax deductions apply to single-income families.
  • Mechanisms are in place to help with the fellows’ moving expenses.
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Eligibility Criteria for Vienna International Postdoctoral Program

Candidates for the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program must meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • A PhD in the life sciences or a closely related field, such as engineering, physics, chemistry, computer science, or mathematics, is required of applicants.
  • The suggested scientific endeavour must correspond to the work done on campus (applicants should name one or more potential host groups).
  • Inter-lab and interdisciplinary projects are strongly encouraged.
  • We kindly ask that candidates keep in touch with their desired mentor(s) both before and during the creation of their particular research projects.
  • A minimum of one first-author article or paper on bioRxiv or arXiv is required for applicants.
  • The Marie Curie Action requires that applicants engage in transnational mobility by the call deadline (15 June). In other words, they shouldn’t have spent more than a year living in Austria or doing their primary activity (such as working or studying) there in the three years before to the call deadline.

For further details, go here.

How to Apply for Vienna International Postdoctoral Program?

To apply for the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program, please follow the instructions below:

  1. To apply, click here and provide the information below:
    • Personal information: name, contact information, and current educational and employment status
    • Principal scientific area (choose one of the seven areas at the VBC) and up to five keywords
    • A minimum of one first-author publication’s or manuscript’s DOI
    • Information about how to reach two referees. Referees will get instructions via an automatic email from the system. The system requires at least one reference letter to be uploaded before the application can be submitted.
  2. Include the following files:
    • A resume that includes information on education, scientific training (beginning with a bachelor’s degree), honors, etc.
    • Transcripts and training certificates in PDF format.
    • A five-page proposal for a project that supports the goals of the host lab.
    • A one-page public description of the initiative that details the societal effects.
    • The designated group leader must provide written confirmation (a letter or email) that he or she supports the application.
  3. You will proceed to the next round, the on-site interview, if you were accepted.
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Click here for more details on the selecting phase.


Visit the official website to learn more about the Vienna International Postdoctoral Program.


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