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University of Cape Coast – UCC Admission Portal is a dashboard for all students where they can look at all programs, UCC Cut-off points, UCC admission list, UCC websites, Students Portal, and all other online registration.

UCC Online Registration

  1. At the different Sale Centres, applicants can buy an e-voucher with a PIN and Serial Number.
  2. This information will be used to fill out the Application Form. Online people who want to apply should go to the UCC website and click on Admissions.
  3. Click on “Apply Online” to find out more.
  4. Then, applicants need to choose Entry Level and enter their PIN and serial number.
  5. Send and fill in your information.

UCC Admission Portal

Every year, the University of Cape Coast opens its admissions portal and invites people to apply for the following undergraduate/first degree (Direct) and first degree (Distance Education) academic programs.

UCC Programmes

Check out all the courses that UCC

Search all UCC Academic Programmes

Undergraduates (Regular) Academic Programmes

Academic Programs for Distance Education First Degree

Cut-Off Points for UCC

Here are the basic entry requirements for both “Direct” (in-person) and “Distance Education” (online) undergraduate students.

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Before applying online, read them carefully so you don’t get let down.

Submission of Admission Form

All applicants for distance education must put the following information on the large EMS envelope:

  1. Reference number for the application
  2. Full names only, no abbreviations.
  3. Address
  4. Study/Exam Center (Distance Education) Contact Number Region
  5. The program, which should be written by hand

Applicants should make sure that all of their WASSCE and SSSCE scores are checked. Send a copy of the Confirmation Page, along with a copy of the Academic Transcript and Certificates, to the nearest College of Distance Education Study Centre or any branch of the Ghana Post Office.

Two copies of the online Application forms, along with two copies of result slips, certificates, and transcripts, should be sent to the nearest College of Distance Education (CoDE) Study Centres or the Ghana Post.

Hard Copies of the online application forms that have been filled out should be sent to the Admissions Unit at the College of Distance Education Learning Centres.

University of Cape Coast-CoDE study centers in Ghana for people who want to learn from home

Application forms that don’t have application reference numbers, copies of certificates, results in slips, or transcripts with the final GPA will not be processed.

  • Keep photocopies of the confirmation page and the receipt with the PIN and serial numbers for future reference.
  • When you talk to the College, you should include the application reference number.
  • After the online application has been sent, there will be no way to change the program.
  • The fees for applicants from outside the US will be paid in US Dollars.
  • For enquires, call us on 0556950944/0208114677.
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