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Scholarships offered by the Romanian government are now accepting applications. In this article, we’ll go into great detail regarding this scholarship program, its advantages, and how to apply.

For international students, the Romania Government Scholarships 2022–2023 are completely financed. These scholarships are offered for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. Scholarships from the Romanian government will pay the whole cost of education, housing, and a monthly stipend of up to 80 EUR.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Romanian government awards a number of scholarships to nationals of non-EU nations each year. Only candidates with good academic results, or an average of the study years for the most recent school where they graduated, of at least 7 (seven), matching to the Romanian scoring system or the “Good” score, as the case may be, are qualified.

All areas, with the exception of medicine, dental medicine, and pharmacy, allow applicants to choose the study program of their choice. To support the Romanian language and culture, only study programs in Romania Government Scholarships are offered for the Bachelor and Master degrees. But PhD candidates also have the option of choosing a course in English or a foreign language that is prescribed by the doctoral institution. For individuals who don’t speak Romanian, a year of preparation in the language is provided before enrolling in the desired academic program. Diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, passports, and CVs are all required documents and are all listed in the application process.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): Romanian Universities
  • Study in: Romania
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Architecture, Visual Arts, Romanian Culture and Civilization, Journalism, Political and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Education Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Technical Studies, Oil and Gas, Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine. Scholarships are not awarded in the fields of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy.
  • Program Period:
    • Undergraduate: 3-6 Years
    • Master: 1.5-2 Years
    • Doctorate: 3-4 Years
  • Deadline: March 15, 2022
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Scholarship Coverage

The following advantages will be given to the recipient of a Romanian Government Scholarship:

  • Financing tuition fees;
  • Financing the costs associated with housing in the dorms through the Ministry of Education’s budget, up to the amount of the subsidy designated for this purpose (accommodation will be supplied to the extent that spaces are available);
  • Financial help will be provided on a monthly basis in the following amounts: 65 EUR (or 65 “lei” in Romanian currency) for undergraduate and first-year students; 75 EUR (or 75 “lei” in Romanian currency) for master’s students; and 85 EUR (or 85 “lei” in Romanian currency) for PhD students.

The cost of domestic and international transportation from the Romanian border crossing point to the university is not covered by the scholarships. In this regard, candidates must be ready to cover the additional expenditures out of their own pockets.

Eligibility Criteria for Romania Government Scholarships

Candidates must meet all of the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for Romania Government Scholarships:

  • Eligible Countries: International students from non-EU countries with the following exceptions:
    • Citizens of Romanian descent or members of Romanian historical groups in Romania’s vicinity (eligible for several scholarship programs);
    • Citizens of Romania who have applied for or obtained protection;
    • Those who are stateless but whose presence on Romanian soil is legally acknowledged;
    • Individuals accredited to Romania who are in the diplomatic or consular service or their relatives;
    • Members of the technical and administrative personnel of Romanian-accredited diplomatic missions;
    • Staff members of international organizations based in Romania or family members of staff of international organizations based in Romania;
    • Recipients of a state scholarship from Romania for the same academic cycle.
  • Presenting academic credentials from schools of higher learning that are authorized or recognized in the nation in which they were issued;
  • Comply with the enrolment deadline;
  • Possess good academic results, or an average of the study years for the most recent school from which you graduated of at least 7 (seven), which corresponds to the Romanian scoring system or the “Good” score, as applicable;
  • Comply with the application submission methodology.
  • Not older than 35 years old for undergraduate and graduate studies, and 45 years old, respectively, for doctoral or postgraduate studies.
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What is the language of study?

The recipients of the scholarships provided by the Romanian state for undergraduate and master’s degrees study exclusively in Romanian in order to promote the Romanian language and culture. The only exemption is for those with doctoral scholarships, who may choose to study in Romanian or another language determined by the doctoral institution. With the exception of recipients of doctoral scholarships who have chosen the course of study in a foreign language specified by the doctoral school, candidates who do not speak Romanian are given a preparation year to study the language before beginning their university studies.

The following groups of people are not required to participate in the preparation year for learning Romanian:

  • People who produce Romanian study credentials (diplomas or certificates) or study credentials, academic records attesting to at least four years of continuous study in Romanian at a national system of education institution;
  • Those who pass the Romanian language test administered in accordance with the rules in effect in order to enrol in a university program;
  • Those who possess a certificate of language proficiency in Romanian with a minimum level of B1 that was given in accordance with the laws and regulations in effect.

How to Apply for Romania Government Scholarships

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the application steps below:

(1) Finish filling out the online application form in its entirety.

(2) Add the upcoming files to your uploads:

  • Copies of the diplomas earned, including the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, if applicable, as well as any official translations into the languages of English, French, Spanish, or Romania.
  • Copies of the completed studies’ transcripts, together with, if necessary, an official translation into Romanian, French, Spanish, or English.
  • A duplicate of the birth certificate (or comparable document) and, if applicable, its official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • A copy of the first three pages of the passport or other national identification document, as well as, if necessary, an official translation into one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • Curriculum Vitae in either English or French in the proper format, as well as a letter of intent from the candidate in either English, French, Spanish, or Romanian for the doctorate cycle.
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(3) The following supporting documents must also be included with the application (but only if the applicant falls under one of the categories listed for each one):

  • Copy of the name change documentation (if applicable), along with any required official translations into Romanian, French, Spanish, or English.
  • For graduates without a diploma yet, a copy of the certificate attesting to the passing of the baccalaureate, bachelor’s, or master’s exam is required, along with, if necessary, an official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • A copy of the certificate indicating that the student is in their last year of study and will take the graduation test at the conclusion of the academic year, together with, if necessary, an official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian
  • A copy of the transcript attesting the applicant’s academic standing from the start of their last year of study to the time they submitted their application, together with, if necessary, an official translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • A copy of the linguistic competency certificate, if appropriate, or the certificate of completion of the Romanian language preparatory year.
  • If the candidate has not turned 18 before the start date of the courses, a copy of the notarized parental consent statement with the authorised translation into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian, as appropriate, must also be submitted.

Following the original, each document must be scanned individually and saved in.pdf format.


Visit the official website to learn more about the government scholarships offered in Romania.


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