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The University of Maryland, College Park is the top public research university in the state and one of the best in the country. The university is a world leader in research, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It has more than 40,700 students, 14,000 faculty and staff, and almost 400,000 alumni, all of whom are committed to the pursuit of Fearless Ideas. We are just outside of Washington, D.C., and through our well-known research and programs in academics, the arts, and sports, we learn and share new things every day. And as the first “Do Good” campus in the country, we are committed to social entrepreneurship.

History and the Mission


The General Assembly chartered a state agricultural school in 1856, which is when the University of Maryland began. The Maryland Agricultural College was built on land that used to belong to the Piscataway tribe. The land was bought from a slave-owning farmer and supporter of agricultural education, and the school opened three years later with 34 students.

It eventually grew to include new fields in engineering, science, and the liberal arts. It also welcomed women and people of color who were breaking new ground. It survived the Great Fire of 1912, came back as a public college, and grew quickly after World War II. Today, the university is a national leader in research, academics, the arts, and sports. It is also committed to embracing diversity on its 50,000-person campus and taking on the big problems of our time.


The goal of the University of Maryland, College Park is to provide excellent teaching, research, and service. The University teaches students and increases knowledge in important areas for the State, the country, and the world. The University wants to be the best place in the country for research and graduate education. It also wants to be the first choice for high-achieving undergraduates from Maryland.

Read our entire mission statement (PDF).

University of Maryland Academics

Maryland has more than 300 degree-granting programs at its 12 schools and colleges. Many of these programs are ranked among the best in the country. Two Nobel Prize winners, three Pulitzer Prize winners, 58 members of the national academies, and many Fulbright scholars are on our faculty. And our students, who are some of the best in the state and the country, get to do things that they can’t do anywhere else, like internships, research, and leadership and service opportunities.

University of Maryland Academic Calendars

In the table below, you can see the approved calendars. The semester calendar is used for all undergrad programs and most grad programs.

The traditional Winter Session lasts three weeks, and the traditional Summer I and Summer II Sessions last six weeks each. On approved 12-Week Term calendars, the winter and summer terms are each 12 weeks long.

Check with each department or program to find out which calendar to use. See the Schedule of Classes for important academic dates and other scheduling information for the current school year. The calendar archive is where old school calendars are kept. There is a chance that all dates will change.


University of Maryland Library

The University Libraries are your libraries. They serve the state’s flagship and land-grant institution. Our faculty and staff are here to help you gain access to and advance the full range of human knowledge, as well as help you explore your bold ideas to solve the big problems of today.

University of Maryland Library


Mission, vision, and values, as well as an overview of our libraries

Talk to us!

Find a member of staff, get help with your research, or ask about library services.

The Group We Work For

Find out about the leadership and divisions of the Libraries.

Strategic Projects

The main goals, strategies, and projects for the Libraries from 2020 to 2023

Partnerships and New Ideas

Collaborations that help us reach our strategic goals further and bring new ideas to the library field

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility: The libraries work to make the campus more diverse, fair, and welcoming


There are staff and faculty jobs, graduate assistantships, and student jobs to choose from.

Awards: Awards for great research that makes use of library services and other information sources

Help the libraries out.

Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. Find out how you can help the Libraries do their job.

Safety rules and policies

Code of conduct, privacy policy, rights and responsibilities of users, and more

University of Maryland Research and Innovation

One of the best places to do research in the world is the University of Maryland. UMD does groundbreaking research on some of the biggest problems facing the world, like cybersecurity and terrorism, bioengineering, public health equity, food safety, and climate change, thanks to our great location and many partnerships with government and business. We try to learn new things and put them to use through innovation and entrepreneurship, which helps the economy grow and changes people’s lives.

The newly opened Innovation Gateway will help you find the tools, programs, partners, and spaces you need to turn your bold ideas into innovations that start new businesses, boost growth, and move economic development forward.

University of Maryland Arts

At the University of Maryland, the arts, the humanities, and the sciences come together to address important social issues and shed new light on the human experience. The Phillips Collection, the Kennedy Center, and the Folger Shakespeare Library are just some of the local and national cultural organizations that work with our campus arts community. Artists, designers, historians, writers, and performers, both students and professors, are experimenting with new media, presenting new points of view, researching new techniques, and reaching out to new audiences.

University of Maryland Athletics

The University of Maryland, home of the Terrapins, has one of the most well-known and successful sports teams in the country. Each year, more than 550 college athletes compete in 20 intercollegiate sports, 12 of which are for women and 8 for men. Since 2005, Maryland has won 19 national championships, including NCAA titles in women’s basketball, men’s soccer, men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, and field hockey. UMD has won 32 regular season and tournament titles since it joined the Big Ten Conference in 2014. Be afraid of the Turtle!

What We Promise Student-Athletes

At the University of Maryland, we are very serious about making sure our students are safe and healthy. That means both on and off the field for our student-athletes.

The University of Maryland is committed to accountability, openness, and fairness, and we are working to make sure that our program reflects these values.

University of Maryland Student Life

There’s more to being a Terp than classes, labs, and studios. It includes dorms and dining halls, clubs and sports, frats and sororities, campus events and performances, and many places off campus. Maryland has more than 800 student groups, dozens of well-known living and learning communities, and a lot of other ways to get involved. Even though they are part of a close-knit and diverse community, students here can make their own identities and grow as people.

Maryland University Acceptance Rate

University of Maryland/Acceptance rate

Maryland University World Ranking

UMD is ranked No. 43 in the world by the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), which ranks the world’s best universities based on research. It is also in the top 100 of the Best Global Universities.

Maryland University Fees for International Students

Estimated Costs for a Non-Maryland Resident2

  • Annual tuition and mandatory fees3 $39,468
  • On-campus residence hall room, cable and phone4 $8,572
  • Meal plan (average)$ 5,476
  • Books and supplies5 $1,250
  • Transportation and incidental costs5 $2,578
  • Total $57,344

University of Maryland College Park

The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), which is the main campus of the University System of Maryland and one of the best public research universities in the country, takes advantage of its location just a few miles from Washington, D.C., to provide students with many ways to connect with academic programs, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning faculty, and the halls of government. UMD expands knowledge, offers innovative teaching, and fosters a climate of intellectual growth in a wide range of academic fields and fields that don’t fit into one category.

A student at the University of Maryland, College Park can become a “Terp” at The Universities at Shady Grove. The university has excellent academic programs, world-class teachers, and a good atmosphere for learning. Students can use this in their last two years of college, as well as in graduate school and certificate programs. Students get a degree from the University of Maryland, College Park at the end of this rewarding experience. Our graduates and former students can go on to get professional training and start great careers in fields that are in high demand.

For more information visit our program contact page.

University of Maryland Address

College Park, MD 20742, United States
University of Maryland, address

University of Maryland Contact

Employment Verification

Staff Relations

Information Services

Employee Benefits

UHR Support Center (eTerp | PHR)

Maryland University Student Login

  1. Go to the Maryland University official login page via our official link below. After you click on the link, it will open in a new tab so that you can continue to see the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps if required.
  2. Simply login with your login details. You will have to have been given these by Maryland University Login, either on sign up or by your authority of Maryland University Login.
  3. You should now have a “successfully logged in” message. Congratulations, you are now logged in successfully to Maryland University Login.
  4. If you can not log in to the Maryland University Login website, then follow our troubleshooting guide, found here.

Guide to Sign up for Maryland University Login

  1. On your computer, launch your favorite web browser.
  2. Type Official Maryland University Login Website and Press the “Enter” button.
  3. Find Sign up or create an account on the website and click it.
  4. Fill up the details given on the Signup page.
  5. Click on the checkbox “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.”
  6. Press the “sign up” button.
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Activate the Maryland University Login

  1. Already you gave the email address on the Signup page.
  2. So, You will receive the Maryland University Login activation link at your given email address.
  3. Click the link to activate the Maryland University Login.

How to Retrieve Forgot Maryland University Login Password?

  1. Access the sign-in page of Maryland University Login.
  2. Click on the “Forgot?” option.
  3. It will prompt you to enter the email address.
  4. Enter the email and click on “EMAIL ME INSTRUCTIONS.”
  5. You will receive the Maryland University Login instructions in your email.
  6. Follow them carefully to recover the password.

How do I sign out Maryland University Portal?

  • In Maryland University Portal, at the top right, click your photo or Account image Account image.
  • Click Sign out.

Reasons for Maryland University Students being unable to log in 

Authentication Failed – Invalid Password (The user name or password is incorrect.)  

Students will have to try to log in again, as it was probably a bad combination of username and password. If this doesn’t work, the student will need to reset their password at Maryland University Portal before trying again. Tell the student that there are times when the username and password get separated on the University side and there is nothing OAS can do about it. The only choice is to go to Maryland University Portal and change the password.

Temporary Access has expired 

The student had temporary access to SAMM, but that time has now run out. The Accessibility Specialist will have to look at the student’s account and remove the “Access Expires On:” date from the Student Profile.

Fail attempt more than 5 times. 

The student has tried to log in 5 times but hasn’t been able to. Because of this, their account has been locked. The steps above are what a staff member needs to do to get into their account.

Username and password combination is wrong. Browser: XXXXXXX

The student can’t get into their account because they are using the wrong username or password. The students must try again. If they still can’t log in, they’ll need to reset their password at Maryland University Portal before trying again.

How do I get help?

Need help? Your Maryland University login credentials are managed by the Portal district. If you are unsure of your Maryland University login credentials, receive an error when logging in, or your login suddenly stops working, please reach out to your teacher help desk for assistance.

You can find contact information on the Maryland University login screen. You should see an email or phone number where you can reach the support contact.

If you do not see a support contact listed, please contact your student’s teacher.

Troubleshooting Maryland University student login issues

The Maryland University Portal doesn’t have a login button on their site

Owners of Maryland University Portal can change everything about their site, including the login button. If the site owner has taken down the login button, please contact them directly to find out how to get into their login portal.

I logged in to the Maryland University Portal. Why don’t I see all of the products I’m enrolled in?

You might make more than one account at the same Portal by accident by using different email addresses. This could happen if, when you bought the product, you misspelled your email address. If you can log in, but you can’t find or get to your course, you may have more than one account in the Maryland University Portal.

You can only get to your products by logging into the account you used to buy them or sign up for them, so make sure you’re logging into the right account. If you don’t know if you’ve made more than one account.

I don’t remember my Maryland University password; what should I do?

You might be having trouble logging in because the password for your student account is old or doesn’t work. If this is the case, you might want to change your password completely.

I used the wrong email address/no longer have access to my email address.

If you signed up with the wrong email address, don’t have access to the original email address anymore, or think you may have misspelled your email address, contact the Maryland University Portal owner first to ask for help signing up with a different email address.

If you’ve tried to get in touch with the owner and haven’t heard back, contact our Customer Support team.


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