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Start your educational journey in the Netherlands. happy news Scholarships at Maastricht University are available right now. We will go into great detail regarding this scholarship in this article, along with its advantages and step-by-step instructions for applying.

For international students, the Maastricht University Award 2022–2023 is a fully financed scholarship. This scholarship covers the recipient’s tuition costs of €16,800, living expenses of €23,750, health and liability insurance of €700, and application fees for a €192 visa. It is available for masters-level study.

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Scientific, in collaboration with Dutch universities and applied science universities, is funding this fellowship. With more than 16000 students and 4000 employees, the University of Maastricht (UM) is the Dutch university with the greatest number of international students. The university is notable for its multidisciplinary approach, global perspective, and ground-breaking research and educational models.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution(s): Maastricht University
  • Study in: Netherlands
  • Program Period:
  • 13 months for a one-year Master’s program
  • 25 months for a two-year Master’s program
  • Deadline: February 1, 2022

Opportunity Focus Areas:

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences:

  • MA Art, Literature and Society
  • MA Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education
  • MA Arts and Culture: spec. Politics and Society
  • MA European Public Affairs
  • MA European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • MA European Studies: spec. Europe in a Globalising World
  • MA European Studies: spec. European Politics and International Relations
  • MA European Studies: spec. European Public Policy and Administration
  • MA Globalisation and Development Studies
  • Research Master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology
  • Research Master European Studies
  • MA Media Studies: Digital Cultures

Faculty of Law:

  • LLM European Law School: spec. European Law & Market Integration
  • LLM European Law School: spec. European Public Law & Governance
  • LLM European Law School: spec. Free track
  • LLM Forensics, Criminology and Law
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. Corporate and Commercial Law
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. General track
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. Human Rights
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. International Trade and Investment Law
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. International and European Tax Law
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. International and European Tax Law
  • Specialisation Customs and International Trade
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. International and European Tax Law
  • Specialisation Tax and Technology
  • LLM Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management
  • MSc Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management
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Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences:

  • MSc Biomedical Sciences
  • MSc Epidemiology
  • MSc Global Health
  • MSc Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • MSc Health Education and Promotion
  • MSc Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • MSc Human Movement Sciences: spec. Health and Rehabilitation
  • MSc Human Movement Sciences: spec. Sports and Nutrition
  • MSc Work, Health and Career

Faculty of Science and Engineering:

  • MSc Biobased Materials
  • MSc Systems Biology
  • MSc Data Science for Decision Making

Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience:

  • MSc Psychology: spec. Development Psychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Health and Social Psychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Neuropsychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Legal Psychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Work and Organisational Psychology
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Drug Development and Neurohealth
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Fundamental Neuroscience
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Neuroeconomics
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Neuropsychology
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Psychopathology
  • MSc Forensic Psychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Cognitive Neuroscience

School of Business and Economics:

  • MSc Business Intelligence and Smart Services
  • MSc Economics
  • MSc Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • MSc Financial Economic
  • MSc IB/Entrepreneurship and SME Management
  • MSc IB/Information Management and Business Intelligence
  • MSc IB/Sustainable Finance

Scholarship Coverage

The benefits of the Maastricht University Scholarship include:

  • Living expenses: € 12,350 (13 months) or € 23,750(24 months)
  • Health & liability insurance: € 700
  • Visa application costs: € 192
  • Tuition fees: € 13,800; € 15,500 or € 16,800 depending on the tuition of your study program
  • Pre-Academic Training costs

Eligibility Criteria for Maastricht University Scholarship

The applicant must satisfy each of the conditions listed below in order to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: Citizens of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.
    • You meet the requirements for getting an entry visa and residence permit for the Netherlands and have nationality from a nation outside the EU/EEA, Switzerland, or Surinam.
    • You do not hold a double nationality from an EU/EEA country.
  • You have submitted an application for admission to Maastricht University’s full-time master’s program for the 2022–2023 academic year. A list of the master’s degree programs at UM that are taking part in this scholarship initiative.
  • You are eligible to enrol in the UM Master’s program for which you have applied.
  • You have never taken part in a higher education program in the Netherlands that leads to a degree. The application process is open to students who have participated in exchange programs in the Netherlands.
  • On September 1, 2022, you won’t be older than 35.
  • Your most recent grade transcript or proof of academic brilliance show that you had exceptional results in your previous educational endeavours. If many applicants are equally qualified, UM will give precedence to those whose academic records or letters of recommendation certifying their academic performance show they are in the top 5% of applicants for the 2022–2023 scholarship program.
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How to Apply for Maastricht University Scholarship?

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please follow these instructions:

(1) Enroll at Maastricht University in one of the offered Master’s programs. Please visit the website for your desired program for more information on how to register for a Master’s program there. You will be given a Maastricht University student ID number after submitting your application through Studielink. To fill out and submit the scholarship application form, you must have a student number (see Step below).

  • Please note: The only Master’s programs that qualify for a UM Holland-High Potential scholarship are those that are listed above.
  • Please note: You can submit applications for both the scholarship and the UM Master’s program at the same time. But in order to receive a scholarship, you must have your application for admission to your Master’s program conditionally approved.
  • Please note: The UM International Services Desk does not pay handling fees if your study program demands payment of a handling fee as part of the admissions process. By 1 February 2022, you are responsible for paying any handling fees that your program may impose. Please check your program’s website under the ‘Admission requirements’ menu option to see if there are any handling fee requirements.

(2) After logging in with your UM account, complete the application form, upload the required files in PDF,.doc, or.docx format, and then submit your application. Please make sure that all of your documentation and referee contact information is up-to-date because you can only submit your application once. The UM International Services Desk will make sure that your complete scholarship application is taken into account for all eligible programs for which you have a conditionally accepted or approved admissions status if you have applied to more than one UM study program.

  • The curriculum vitae. Your resume should be current, include pertinent details about your training and employment history, and not exceed two A4 pages.
  • Motivational letter Your motivation letter needs to be current and tailored specifically to this scholarship program. Generic letters of admission that don’t specifically mention your reasons for applying for the UM Holland-High Potential scholarship will be disregarded. Your motivation letter shouldn’t be more than one A4 page long. Make sure to explain why you believe this scholarship is important to you, why you should be chosen, and how you plan to represent Maastricht University both during your scholarship period and in the years after your graduation from UM.
  • Proof of your intellectual prowess. You might upload one of the following records to demonstrate your superior academic standing: 1. A letter from the head of your institution’s department or the registrar stating that you are one of the top 20 students in the graduating class of your study program, or 2. Your university transcript, which explicitly states your grade point average or class ranking (for example, first class honours) for the entirety of your study program. Please ensure that the letter contains the contact details of your Head of Department or Registrar.
  • The contact details of one referee. Please be aware that we contact your referee to verify his or her identity. Therefore, be sure to follow these instructions when selecting a referee and providing their contact information.
    • – Relationship to applicant: Describe the relationship the referee has with you. Is this your professor, thesis advisor, or employer? Please keep in mind that relatives typically cannot serve as referees.
    • – Your referee’s office phone number: Include the appropriate international dialling code.
    • – The referee’s email address, either personal or professional. Any letters that just include a personal email address will be ignored.
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(3) Due to the fact that you can only submit your application once, please make sure that all of your supporting documentation and referee contact information is current.

  • By midnight on February 1, 2022, you must get in touch with the referee you listed in your application and request that they provide their reference letter via email to (Central European Time).
  • Please print off or provide the guidelines for writing a scholarship reference letter to your referee. They will make it easier for them to create a strong letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please be aware that referees cannot be relatives; they must be current or past professors, lecturers, or employers. Letters of recommendation are to be signed, dated, and completed no sooner than February 2021. Please keep in mind that it is your duty to communicate with your referee and make sure they send their letters prior to the deadline. Please be aware that reference letters are a crucial component of the scholarship application process and that applications without them are regretfully incomplete.


Visit the official website to learn more about Maastricht University Scholarships.


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