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Start your educational journey in the UK. happy news Currently available is the B.A. Krukoff Fellowship in Systematics. In this article, we’ll go into great detail regarding this fellowship, its perks, and how to apply.

The Queen Mary University B.A. Krukoff Fellowship 2022–2023 in Systematics is a fully financed master’s grant for international students. The complete cost of education as well as up to £21,000 in living and travel expenses are covered by this scholarship.

The Bentham-Moxon Trust B.A. Krukoff Fund is offering a bursary to help a student who wants to concentrate their MSc research thesis on tropical African botany. RBG Kew will handle the actual administration of the bursary.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution(s): Queen Mary University
  • Study in: London, UK
  • Courses Offered:
  • –Plant and Fungal Taxonomy.
  • –Plant and Fungal Diversity.
  • –Plant and Fungal Conservation.
  • Deadline: March 31, 2022

Scholarship Coverage

The following advantages are offered to recipients of the BA Krukoff Fellowship in Systematics:

  • The student bursary has a maximum award of £21,000.
  • The monthly stipend of £18,000 pays for lodging, food, daily transit expenses, and other expenses related to the field trip to Madagascar.
  • Up to £3,000 is set aside for students who are not situated in London to cover the price of their visa application, the UK Healthcare surcharge, and transport expenses to and from their home town or country at the start and end of the program.
  • In addition to the award amount, the pertinent tuition costs will be reimbursed.
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Eligibility Criteria for B.A. Krukoff Fellowship in Systematics

The following requirements must be met by candidates for the B.A. Krukoff Fellowship:

  • Required Languages: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All World countries
  • Got a placement offer for the academic year 2022–2023 on the Kew/QMUL Plant and Fungal Taxonomy Diversity and Conservation MSc program. Candidates who have received a conditional offer are also allowed to apply, but if selected, they must fulfil all of the offer’s requirements before August 31, 2022, in order to earn the bursary.
  • Show off your knowledge of tropical African botany.
  • Show how they’ll keep working and making a difference in tropical African botany after the training.

*Note – According to the following list of eligible nations, we define tropical Africa in this context as the nations that make up the African Union.

The bursary recipient must:

  • Becoming qualified to study in the UK To make sure they meet any criteria prior to the start of the program in September 2022, all applicants are recommended to verify the UK visa requirements and application processes as soon as feasible.
  • Not be eligible for any other loans or bursaries in order to complete an MSc during the academic year 2022–2023.

How to Apply for B.A. Krukoff Fellowship in Systematics?

Please adhere to the guidelines below to be eligible for the B.A. Krukoff Fellowship:

  1. All of your information must be entered when prompted by the application.
  2. Some supporting documents (Degree transcript\ Refree details\ Statement of purpose\ CV\ English language certificate) will be requested of you. For additional information on the documentations, click this page.
  3. Admissions Tutors will take into consideration all comprehensive applications. You will be notified of the decision about your application four weeks after it has been received, provided you have included all necessary papers.
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Visit the official website to learn more about the B.A. Krukoff Fellowship.


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